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The Attention Experiment, Part 2: Layer Upon Layer

Seventeen years ago, Sara and I decided to repaint our house, an old farmhouse originally built in 1904, dramatically transformed in 1934 after a fire gutted half of the original, but still a classic, simple structure. (I’ve included a picture of how it looks today.) Being the detail freak perfectionist weirdos that we are, we … Continue reading The Attention Experiment, Part 2: Layer Upon Layer

Off the Bus

There’s exciting news as MediaPRO becomes part of the KnowBe4 family. What a kick to see so many of my friends and colleagues joining on with this clear industry leader … But not me. It’s time for me to get off the bus and set off in a different direction! I’m going to start by … Continue reading Off the Bus

My Online Manifesto

Ever since I started working in cybersecurity and privacy fifteen years ago, I’ve been trying to think of the simplest possible principles to guide my actions as I navigate the digital world. This is my online manifesto, principles I try to live by in my personal life and also to embed in my work: Spread … Continue reading My Online Manifesto

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Strikes me this is as good a guide as any: It’s from Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work.


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